Niyati Gupta

July 23, 2023 0 Comments
UI/UX Intern
Kravingo, the company where I worked as a UI/UX intern for two months, fostered a collaborative and innovative company culture. Despite the online nature of the internship, the company placed a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. I had the opportunity to work closely with other team members, exchanging ideas and supporting each other in our projects. As a UI/UX intern, I was given the freedom to explore different design approaches and propose innovative solutions to enhance user experiences. The company provided resources and guidance to help me think outside the box and push the boundaries of my skills.

The company culture and work environment at Kravingo were conducive to growth, collaboration, and innovation. Despite the online setting, I felt supported, connected, and motivated to contribute to the team’s goals. The experience allowed me to further develop my UI/UX skills while working in a dynamic and supportive virtual environment.

I would recommend the internship program at Kravingo to my peers for its hands-on experience, collaborative environment, innovative culture, learning opportunities, and the flexibility of remote work. At Kravingo, I gained practical skills through real-world projects and had the chance to work closely with experienced professionals and other interns, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. The company’s emphasis on innovation and creativity allowed me to explore new ideas and propose innovative solutions. Additionally, Kravingo provided resources for continuous learning and development, including training programs and mentorship opportunities. The remote work aspect offered flexibility and valuable experience in navigating online work environments. Overall, the internship program at Kravingo offers a well-rounded experience for personal and professional growth in the UI/UX field.