Khushbu Das

July 23, 2023 0 Comments
UI/UX Intern
It brings me great pleasure to share a few words about the vibrant environment and nurturing culture that define our company. At Kartexa, I believe that a positive work environment is the foundation for success and growth. From the moment I joined this company, I have sensed the energy and enthusiasm that permeates the air. Our company's environment and culture reflect our core values of collaboration, respect, innovation, work-life balance, and social responsibility.
The best thing about my internship at Kartexa was the invaluable learning experience it provided. Throughout my time there, I had the opportunity to work alongside a great team. One of the standout aspects of my internship was the level of mentorship and guidance I received. From day one, I had a mentor who helped me whenever I wanted him(Prasen Jeet Sir). He provided continuous feedback, & mentorship. I was given the opportunity to contribute to actual projects, allowing me to apply the knowledge I gained in a practical setting. The trust and confidence the company placed in me gave me a sense of ownership and responsibility, which boosted my confidence and allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.
Yes, this a great opportunity to work on real-life projects & upgrade your skills from the comfort of your home.