Chhavi Sharma

July 23, 2023 0 Comments
Java Developer
The company culture is innovative and collaborative. The company emphasizes teamwork, offer growth opportunities, and support a healthy work-life balance. The modern, well-equipped workspace promotes comfort and productivity. Recognition and appreciation for achievements further boost team morale. It's an inspiring and fulfilling environment to excel in career.
The best thing about my internship at Kravingo as an Android developer was the hands-on learning and mentorship from experienced developers. The company’s culture of continuous learning and collaboration with cross-functional teams were invaluable for my professional growth. It was a truly fulfilling and preparative experience for my future career.
I highly recommend Kravingo’s internship program to my peers as an Android developer intern. It offers practical hands-on experience and a formal mentorship program. Diverse projects and regular feedback help us grow professionally. The company’s supportive culture and recognition of interns’ efforts make it an exceptional learning opportunity.