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cofounder of codeup community .
founder of brokethemarket startup company .
lead coordinator of founders lab buisness club.
Participated in National entrepreneurship conclave .
Participated in breathing earth competition .
Participated in Shark tank buisness event .
Participated in 5days data science workshop with coding ninjas .
worked as training coordinator in training & placement cell .
worked as volunteer in satej maths scholarship .
worked as campus ambassador in Bits pilani
worked as campus ambassador in coding ninjas.
worked as campus ambassador in altworld .
worked as campus ambassador in teachnook.
web designing internship secured in lets growmore .
web developement internship secured in noitavonne kolhapur.
machine learning internship secured in ineuron intelligence .

As a Data Science student, i can emphasize your expertise in programming languages such as Python, R or SQL, data visualization, statistical analysis, and machine learning. i can also talk about any relevant projects or internships you have completed that demonstrate your ability to apply your skills to real-world problems.

ased on the information you provided, you are a third-year Data Science student with experience in programming languages such as Python, C, and C++. You have a keen interest in the stock market and have been actively involved in trading for the last three years.

Your programming skills and understanding of data science can be leveraged to gain a deeper insight into the workings of the stock market. You may be interested in exploring the use of statistical and machine learning techniques to analyze market trends and forecast future price movements. Alternatively, you could explore the development of algorithmic trading strategies that can be executed automatically.

Overall, your background in Data Science, combined with your interest in the stock market and trading, provides a strong foundation for a potential career in finance or related fields.




d.y. patil college of engineering kolhapur 3rd year data science

Work & Experience

noitavonne kolhapur 04/05/2022 - 06/09/2022

web developement internship


python programming
data science
web developement
sales and marketting
google analytics


3rd year 2023

training head

selected as training head in training and placement cell of d.y. patil college of engineering kolhapur

coding club lead as well as buisness club leading coordinator

im the club leadof brilliantus coding club in our college , as well as buisness club coordinator